Sometimes when we remove significant tooth decay or perform a nerve treatment for a child patient, Dr. Green will recommend capping the child’s affected teeth with pediatric crowns. These crowns protect the child’s teeth against breaks and fractures until they are replaced by adult teeth. This procedure can seem like a big step, but it is a wonderful long-term solution to restore a child’s smile.

At Carolina Pediatric Dentistry, we use Cheng Crowns. Cheng Crowns invented prefabricated aesthetic pediatric crowns with white resin facings over 27 years ago, pioneering the field of natural-looking restorations for children. They have been leaders and innovators in this field ever since, and they now offer two types of pediatric crowns. 

Cheng Crowns give your child the most beautiful, healthy smile possible with the best pediatric crowns in the industry. For more information about Cheng Crowns, click on the Cheng Crowns logo.